Recycling is not accepted in plastic bags. Recyclables must be loose in bins. Do not put plastic bags or film in your recycling bin.
Ecology Services Refuse & Recycling
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:What time should my trash be out?
A:Trash should be out by 7 am to ensure pickup.
Q:Do you provide trash cans?
A:No, but we do have trash cans available for purchase. Please call 866-427-8389 for more information.
Q:Do you provide recycling bins?
A:We provide recycling bins free of charge for our Carroll County customers. Montgomery County and Frederick County customers should receive recycling bins from the county.
Q:Is there a limit on the amount of trash I can put out at each pickup?
A:Yes, the limit is three 35-45 gallon trash cans per pickup.
Q:Is there a limit on the amount of recycling I can put out at each pickup?
A:Recycling is unlimited for regular household trash.
Q:What forms of payment do you accept?
A:We accept checks, money orders, and online payments via credit card. Payments taken by phone will have an administrative fee added.
Q:When is my payment due?
A:Payment is due by the 15th of the first month of each quarter.
Q:How do I schedule a bulk pickup?
A:Please call us at 866-427-8389 with a list of each item along with its approximate size.
Q:What is the latest time I should expect my trash to be picked up?
A:Your trash should be picked up no later than 2:30.
Q:What should I do if my trash isn't picked up?
A:Please call us at 866-427-8389.
Q:Are you responsible for damage to my trash cans?
A:No. While we do our best to prevent damage to trash cans, we are ultimately not responsible for damaged or missing trash cans.
Q:Will the lids be placed back on my trash cans?
Q:Where should I put my trash and recycle bins?
A:Curbside or an easily accessible location, and if possible next to your mailbox.